Measure, manage, and motivate musculoskeletal recovery

Phyxercise provides detailed insights as to how your patients are progressing between appointments so you can customise their exercise programme remotely to achieve improved outcomes in less time.

One service for better patient management

For Physisos

Physio Dashboard

Understand your patients' progress so you can work with those who need the most support.

For patients

Physio Exerciser

Experience the benefits of sensor based rehabilitation right from your own phone.

How it works


Send your patient a prescription

As part of your video consultation, remotely prescribe exercises, including recording of motion using the patients own phone, attaching videos and questionnaires. Your patient will be able to access it all on their own phone.


The patient completes workouts at home

Attached to a patient's arm or leg, Physio Exerciser captures information about every workout and provides feedback to the patient and to your Physio Dashboard.


Stay informed about your patient's progress

Check back in later to see how your patient is progressing. View their comments, send out health questionnaires, and update their prescription online.

You may have noticed how

Up to 70% of physiotherapy patients don't stick to their treatment schedule

- Journal of Physiotherapy

How Phyxercise keeps you informed

Phyxercise gives you the data you need to treat patients more effectively by showing you how they're getting on between your appointments.

Know your patients better

The Physio Dashboard provides you with useful data to make decisions that better improve your patient. Gain insight into the schedule adherence, wellbeing, and health questionnaire scores for each of your patients. Go into your next appointment already informed.

Record motion remotely

Record motion remotely on the patient’s own phone while you talk them through the exercise remotely. Attach online instructions to exercises for the patient to view anytime. Physio Exercise will talk through your patients' exercises in real time and record their accuracy alongside metrics like range of motion and workout duration.

Developed for physios

We’ve developed the Physio Dashboard and its companion app in conjuction with physios at several leading UK hospitals, so it’s tailored towards the way you already work.

Sensor-Based Reporting

We use industry-leading motion sensing technology to record patients while they complete exercises.

Value for the patient

Instantly knowing how your patients are getting on means being able to spend more time with those that really need it.

Save time

You can use this knowledge to run shorter and more effective sessions with patients.

No expensive hardware

Exercise motion is recorded using the patient's own phone and sent to your dashboard

Instant feedback

Update their prescriptions, send and receive questionnaires, and easily see their wellbeing and exercise adherence remotely.

Always be informed

Go into appointments with an understanding of how your patient has been faring so you can focus more time on treatment.

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How our users feel about Physio Exerciser

77% of patients feel that Physio Exerciser motivates them to do more exercise.

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