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Physio Exerciser helps you to stick to your physiotherapy treatment schedule and to perform your exercises in a safer and more controlled way. By using your phone’s own motion sensors to record tailored exercises, your improvement can be quantified. Each exercise session you complete is logged to provide a single comprehensive record of progress, delivering improved outcomes not only for you, but efficiencies for both physiotherapists and administrators.
Take a Look
Clinical studies consistently find that half of all physiotherapy patients either do not do their prescribed exercises or do them incorrectly. This hinders improvement and increases treatment costs.
Without Physio Exerciser
• Print exercise instructions on paper for your patient to follow.
• No means of determining whether exercises are being followed or done correctly.
• Judgement based assessment for measuring improvement.
With Physio Exerciser
• Take personalised videos of patients doing the exercises while talking them through it.
• Review your patients’ exercise logs to assess impact of exercises and to determine most appropriate treatments.
• See recorded statistics for improvements in range of motion and strength for each exercise.
How it Works
The patient records an exercise with their physio by strapping their phone to the affected limb.
At home, the patient completes their prescribed exercises using their phone. Physio Exerciser will provide audio feedback to let the patient know how they are doing.
Physio Exerciser will provide a summary of the improvement after each exercise and the patient will be able to see their improvement day by day.
Physio Exerciser screenshots
Getting Started
Physiotherapy clinics should contact us at to register for the program.
Patients can download Physio Exerciser on the App Store and Google Play.
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