Physio Exerciser

Our handcrafted native app for iOS and Android works seamlessly with the Physio Dashboard to help patients through their treatment and provide physios with insight into each of their patient’s recoveries.


of patients said that Physio Exerciser helped them stick to their exercise schedule.



Your exercise schedule updates throughout the day as you complete workouts. View instructions as an attached video or PDF right in the app, and be confident you're performing exercises correctly by viewing workout feedback.


Get immediate feedback after a workout based on the motion recorded by your phone’s sensors. Record any discomfort or comments you have on the exercise that you want your physio to review.


Track your long term progress by answering questionnaires customised to your goals. You can view your improvement alongside your recent wellbeing and schedule adherence on the Reports tab.

Real-time interaction.

Read your physio's responses to your comments and see how your prescription changes throughout your treatment. Set reminders to complete exercises at specific times throughout the day.

How to Set Up Physio Exerciser

step one

Open your Join Link

When you get a text message inviting you to download Physio Exerciser, tap the link.

Step two

Install Physio Exerciser

This will open the App Store or the Play Store. Tap 'Get' or 'Install' to download Physio Exerciser.

Step three

Open Physio Exerciser

Once Physio Exerciser finished downloading, just open the app and you'll be set up!

Get the App

Patients can download Physio Exerciser on the App Store and Google Play.